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OffBeat Collectibles for Artists

NFTs made easy

Feeling lost about NFTs?

We are here to guide you through the crypto era.


The #1 mistake artists make when launching an NFT campaign is looking for the quick sell. Our vision is to create campaigns that have a storytelling.


First we study your career, your brand and your audience. From there we design a campaign that engage with your fans. For us this is the best way to create long-term successful NFTs campaigns.


From the creation of the NFT to the transfer to the crypto wallet of your fans. A seamless experience that makes it easy to start selling NFTs right away.

Frictionless payment process for non-crypto natives. So your fans don’t need to be crypto experts to be able to get your NFTs drops.

We help you with what you really need

You have your unique way to run your career, let us know how we can help and we will offer a customized solution:

- Consultancy
- Technology
- Design
- Campaign strategy
- Community management

We created the Music ID, a rich music identity for the metaverse. It works like a passport, crediting the fandom and music identity of the holder.


OffBeat Collectibles are Music ID ready, meaning that your fans could add them directly to the Music ID, enlarging the capabilities and the value of your NFTs.

Know more about the Music ID

The Music ID

Unlocking the full power of OffBeat Collectibles.

OffBeat, your partners in the crypto space

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