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5 years plan


Music ID: An ode to self-expression

Our first step towards our big goal is creating a rich profile, which define one's identity through music.

Music ID will serve as proof of fandom. It will capture, collect and validate the entire musical life of fans. Music stats, music preferences, music NFTs, compatibility with other users... and much more!


People have the power: On-platform governance

This second phase will democratize how music reaches people, shifting the power back to people and encouraging fans to recommend and promote the artists they love while the value of their Music ID increases. Will recognize fans' commitment with exclusive Badges (NFTs) that they will be able to add to their Music ID and avatar so the entire metaverse community can see their contributions.


Becoming a recognized Music Patron

Fans can become investors of the music they love. We will offer Security NFTs associated with the royalties of a song. These S-NFTs will be also added to their Music ID, which will allow fans to actively participate in the financing of music projects at the same time they can showcase their collection of songs to the entire community. 

Project Roadmap

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