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WIN 6 months FREE of

Spotify Premium

with OffBeat

Do you want to win 6 FREE months of Spotify Premium? You're lucky!
Because we are organizing a very special contest where the recommendation with the most likes for the month of November will win a gift card redeemable for 6 months of Spotify Premium.

Some tips to get more likes

Follow users similar to you to expand your network of followers and get more likes

Share the link of your recommendation with family and friends and invite them to OffBeat

Like the recommendations of other users, they may return the favor

What is OffBeat?

Music Identity

As fandom is about self-identification and expression, we start by allowing users to capture and own their musical identity in the Music ID.


Thanks to the Music ID we drive connections between users around their musical tastes, creating a community with the music at its core.

Fandom Rewards

A system to drive fandom inside the community by enhancing the artist-fan relationship. 

How to participate

Sign up for OffBeat

Create an account in the OffBeat app if you haven't already done so to participate

Recommend a song

Share your favorite song and add the hashtag #OffBeatSong in the description

Boost your likes

Share your recommendation with your family, friends and followers to get many likes. The recommendation with the most likes will be the winner.

Our roadmap as a Web3 company

The Music ID will be ultimately an NFT, which can store music consumption and music experiences from users.

The Music ID can recognize other NFTs that users earn by being top fans of an artist and top contributor in the community.

The Music ID can unlock token-gated communities and give governance to them.


  • Click the (+) button

  • Find the song you want to share

  • ⚠️ Add the hashtag #OffBeatSong

  • Select the mood of your song

  • Share!

With Spotify Premium you can:

Listen to music without ads

Listen to music wherever you want, even offline

Connect your account with OffBeat to see your music stats

Play music on demand

When does the competition end?

You can participate until November 30. The song with the most likes and with the hashtag #OffBeatSong will be the winner.

Is the contest global?

Yes! It doesn't matter where in the world you are from. Everyone can join :)

How will I know if I have won?

We will contact the winner by email and announce it on our social networks. If we do not receive a response within 7 days, the prize will go to the next song with the most likes.

What will happen in case of a tie?

In case of a tie, we will publish a poll on our Instagram account so that our followers can vote for the best song.

Can I participate with more than one song?

You can participate with all the songs you want, but only the song that gets the most likes will win.

Frequent asked questions:

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