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The Global Community of Music Lovers


Because music defines your world and plays a part in who you are, our mission is to capture, collect and validate your entire musical life.

Your music identity in one place

Because your music world is not only your streamed music, but also the concerts you’ve been to, the collectibles you bought and many other things. We connect all these pieces in one place to credit your passion for music.

Music fans, super fans, fans-to-be, welcome to the place where music lovers come together to share, connect and get more from their love for music.


Create your music identity

Connect your music streaming service, add your music NFTs and set your music tastes to create a rich music identity, the Music ID, a passport-alike for the music world.


Be a recognized fan

Are you always among the first to listen to Ariana Grande's new releases? Did you spend all your savings to attend all her concerts? Be credited as a true fan.


Connect with a community

The Music ID works like a passport, certifying your music identity across the metaverse. Use it to connect with all the music lovers out there.

Ivet Anoro


Miquel Tolosa

Co-Founder | CFO

Raul Martínez

Co-Founder | Product Manager

Adrià Sarquella


Felip Costa


Sören Rifé

Lead Software Engineer

Meet our team

Yaw Asamani

Strategic Operations & Partnerships

Adrián Redondo

Marketing & Community Management


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