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Image by Ben Blennerhassett

OffBeat Collectibles

For true fans only.

Are you a Swiftie, an Arianator or a Team Drizzy?

Whichever you are, we got you covered. OffBeat is the place to be credited for your fandom.

Proof of fandom

Those are the ones that credit you as a fan. You earn them through your music achievements.


Are you always the first to listen to Drake's new songs? Do you own the limited Vinyl edition? These are the type of things that true fans do and we credit it with the official Proof of fandom Collectibles.

Artist drops

These can vary from unique art creations with a limited supply; access to exclusive music experiences; royalty-NFTs to participate actively in the artist project; etc.


The possibilities are endless, and we are the official NFT creators for some of the most popular artists.

Among other perks, OffBeat Collectibles grant:

- Be part of a community
- Token-gated access to events in the metaverse
- Pre-sale access to new collectibles drops
- Exclusive wearables for your avatar

We created the Music ID, your rich music profile for the metaverse. It works like a passport, crediting your fandom and your music identity.


OffBeat Collectibles are Music ID ready, meaning that they will be stored there and will be part of your music identity.

Know more about the Music ID

The Music ID

The place to store all your music NFTs and be credited as a fan.

Are you an artist interested in music NFTs? See our Collectibles for Artists

Image by Seyi Ariyo

OffBeat Collectibles are NFTs that you can add to your Music ID.

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