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Music fans, super fans, fans-to-be, welcome to the place where music lovers come together to share, connect and feel more.

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The Answers You Need

OffBeat is the app for true music lovers. Come if you want to create a unique Music ID that represents you and credits your achievements in the music universe. 

What is OffBeat?

The app is in beta, and for now, is only available for ticket holders. To join our crew of pioneers you have to get one of the early access tickets to the app. The tickets are numbered, limited, and for true fans only.

Is the app live?

To access our beta crew, you just have to fill out the application. If you are accepted, you will receive your early access ticket to the app. Those selected will be contacted via email.

How can I get an early ticket?


Phase 1

Create an Avatar and a Music ID that captures, collects, and validates your entire musical life.

Phase 2

Recommend music and win exclusive Badges (NFTs) to add to your Music ID and customize your avatar.

Phase 3

Invest in the music you love. Buy NFTs associated with the royalties of a song and collect your invested songs.

Get your Music ID

Create a Music ID that defines who you are and works as a passport for the virtual world

Collect your stats

Deep dive into your music taste. Discover your listening moods, your top artists and genres, and much more

Proof your fandom

Be a top fan and unlock all kinds of achievement to become a recognized fan

Music rules your world

Because music defines your world and plays a part in who you are and what you like, our mission is to capture, collect and validate your entire musical life.

Ivet Anoro


Miquel Tolosa

Founder and CFO

Felip Costa


Raul Martínez

Product Manager and Designer

Adrià Sarquella

CTO and App developer

Sören Rifé

Backend developer

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The global community of music lovers

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