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OffBeat is the place where you can express yourself through music, discover new musical friends, and be rewarded for your fandom.

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What is OffBeat?

Music Identity

As fandom is about self-identification and expression, we start by allowing users to capture and own their musical identity in the Music ID.


Thanks to the Music ID we drive connections between users around their musical tastes, creating a community with the music at its core.

Fandom Rewards

A system to drive fandom inside the community by enhancing the artist-fan relationship. 

Ivet Anoro


Miquel Tolosa

Co-Founder | CFO

Raul Martínez

Co-Founder | Product Manager

Adrià Sarquella


Felip Costa


Sören Rifé

Lead Software Engineer

Yaw Asamani

Strategic Operations & Partnerships

Adrián Redondo

Marketing & Community Management

With more than 10 years in the music industry and 3 years in crypto,

we are the best team to create OffBeat

Meet the band

Your music identity all year round to share with the world

Our roadmap as a Web3 company

The Music ID will be ultimately an NFT, which can store music consumption and music experiences from users.

The Music ID can recognize other NFTs that users earn by being top fans of an artist and top contributor in the community.

The Music ID can unlock token-gated communities and give governance to them.

Meet new communities with similar music tastes

Share and get recommendations with followers

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